The first step to teaching your kids how to handle money, is by being a good example.

Financial Friday

Financial Friday – April 15, 2016: Young Money

Happy Financial Friday!

While I don’t have kids yet, when I do, I plan to start teaching them about finances from a young age. While I grew up with parents who budgeted and were good with money, I never was interested in learning about investments, or budgeting, or really anything money related. I wish the things I knew now, I knew when I was in my teens. However, it wasn’t until after law school, that I began teaching myself about finances and investments. I listen to podcasts daily, read a ton of books and articles and love learning about how I will accomplish financial freedom for me and my family.

You are your child’s best teacher. So if you have little ones, check out today’s article on how to create good money habits early on. Read the entire article, here.


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