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Financial Friday

Financial Friday – April 8, 2016: The Price of an Education

If you watch the news, you’ve probably heard about the student loan epidemic in this country. Getting an education is extremely expensive. While I don’t regret getting a law degree, like most people I have a large amount of student loan debt from my graduate school education (I was lucky enough to not have debt for undergrad).

Most people I talk to feel like their student loans are a burden for them. Like me, they don’t regret their education, but their loans have prevented them from taking certain jobs, moving to different locations or buying a home. It definitely can be a burden.


It was because of my student loans, I became interested in learning about financial knowledge and obtaining financial freedom. This is why I love today’s story about a young woman who paid off over $67,000 in less than 20 months. She made some drastic changes to accomplish this goal. While not everyone will be able to make drastic cuts, everyone can come up with a plan, be determined and resilient to pay off debt. I hope this story inspires you as much as it inspired me. Read the full story, here.

If you know someone who needs some motivation to pay down debt, share this story with them.

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