You can work more. You can save more. Or you can want less.

Financial Friday

Financial Friday – January 22, 2016: Want Less

This year, my husband and I are trying to live with less clutter. This means less things. This also means, if I am buying something new, I am getting rid of something old to make room for the new. But ultimately, the goal is to just not want as much because I don’t really need it (especially in my closet, which currently has never before worn items).

I recently came across an article on Business Insider that has you take a look at the things you have, buy, or want. What are your reasons behind wanting certain things? Are your reasons for you, or is it to show others what you can buy, how far you’ve come, and live up to their standards.  Read the entire article here.

Want Less

One thing I’ve started doing before I buy something that is not a necessity but a want is ask myself this question: Is this going to help me get closer to my financial goals, or further away? I’ve found this has really helped me not only buy less, but want less.

How do you evaluate your wants vs your needs?

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  • Learning to want less… because we don’t actually need it! This is so true. Checking out the Business Insider piece as well. Thanks for sharing. (It’s a good gut check!)

    xo Danielle


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