Financial Friday

Financial Friday – January 8, 2016: Money Moves

Welcome to the first #financialfriday of 2016!

While many people set new years goals/resolutions that revolve around physical health, your financial health should be a top priority. Your goals for the new year should not only include ways to increase your income, but also how you can create a better life for yourself.


I recently came across an article that discussed 7 wise money moves from financial experts like Warren Buffet. Here are the 7 recommended money moves you should make in 2016:

  1.  Never lose money.
  2. Build a carefully balanced portfolio.
  3. Save. Any amount.
  4. Plan for how you’ll reach your financial goals.
  5. Negotiate everything.
  6. Stop spending your future wealth.
  7. Learn about finances (my favorite).

Read the full article here. Do you have a favorite money move for 2016? If so, tell me in the comments below.

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