By 2020, women are expected to control over $22 trillion in personal wealth assets.

Financial Friday Quotes

Financial Friday – November 13, 2015



Women are kicking ass in business and life! Since 1997, the number of women owned businesses has grown 68% and today there are over 9.1 million women owned enterprises. Women are helping support the economy, creating jobs, and creating wealth for themselves and their families. How are you contributing to this?

Ask yourself, do you have personal assets that will help contribute towards your retirement or create other revenue streams for your or are your assets truly just liabilities? Take an inventory of your assets ladies, because YOU truly have the power to change your financial future!

And remember…every Friday, I’ll share financial facts, wisdom, or action steps that you can take to not only learn more about personal finance and attack debt, but also how to set yourself on the road to financial freedom! Do you have any favorite financial tips? If so, share them in the comments below!

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