Living on less than you make is a matter of controlling yourself, not a matter of math.

Financial Friday Quotes

Financial Friday – October 16, 2015

Every Friday, I will share financial facts, wisdom, or action steps that you can take to not only learn more about personal finance and attack debt, but also how to set yourself on the road to financial freedom! Check out my very first Financial Friday.


I’m big on people taking responsibility for their actions. I am a strong believer that each of us is where we are in live because we want to be and we have created it that way. If we wanted to change, we would. I truly believe blame makes us powerless. When you blame someone else for your actions and your habits, it takes away the responsibility from the one person who can actually make positive changes:  YOU! In order to cut back on your bad spending habits, look to the only person that can change that (you) and do it. Living below your means is only a choice you can make. Start today and see the difference it watch your how dramatically your financial life changes.

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