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A Short Lesson in the Key Skill of Adaptability

I like to think of myself as someone who adapts well to the situations and circumstances I either am placed in or place myself in. Anytime I am asked to name one of my strengths, the ability to adapt is always one of my answers.

However, just because I consider it one of my strengths, doesn’t mean it always comes easy. A great example, my blog. I published my blog on my 30th birthday! I was and still am in love with the initial look and layout of my (old) blog. However, soon after publishing, I realized it was not very mobile friendly and wouldn’t allow my awesome readers to easily read posts on their mobile devices (thanks for sticking through all these tech issues). Considering we living a society where most of life is now handled on our mobile devices, I knew this had to be fixed asap. But, I really really really did not want to change my layout. Here comes my lesson in adaptability…

Long story short, after trying to find multiple ways to fix the issue (working with the theme developers and all), we realized the only way to get around it was to change the entire theme. Not what I wanted to say the least. But, I needed to adapt and change my layout. If I wanted a blog that people could actually read, no matter how much I loved my old theme, it was time to change. So with the help of my tech guru, my hubby, we found a new layout and began implementing the changes. Of course as soon as we did this, we found a fix for the issue on the old site. Doesn’t it always work that way? But, by that time, I was all like “bye felicia” to my old blog and on to bigger and better things and all the amazing options my new site had to offer.

So long behold, on #transformationtuesday, less than 2 months after unveiling my blog, it has gotten a complete makeover. I’ve adapted to this change and I hope you will too!

I appreciate you for all your patience as I work to bring you the best content on a beautiful platform. And as a thank you, I have some very exciting announcements coming up, starting with the premiere of my podcast, The Statuesq Show! Stay tuned for more details.

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