Two-thirds of Americans will retire with less than $25,000.

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Financial Friday – September 18, 2014

Every Friday, I will share financial facts, wisdom, or action steps that you can take to not only learn more about personal finance and attack debt, but also how to set yourself on the road to financial freedom! Check out my very first Financial Friday.

Financial Friday

Are you prepared for retirement? While it may seem far away for some, over 75% of retiree’s expect to work during their retirement years to make ends meet. After spending most of your adult life working, retirement should be a time to enjoy the benefits of that hard work. Unfortunately, for most in our generation, this will not be our reality.

Take steps today to plan. Start saving today. It’s never too late. Select low costs investments. Start a ROTH IRA. Maximize your 401k contributions. Just a few ideas to get you started.


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